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Elan Playmaker 101 Skis

Elan Playmaker Review | Testing Elan's New All Mountain Twin Tip

Elan Playmaker 101 Gear Review

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Over the past few weeks, we've had the opportunity to get our hands on some new skis from Elan skis: the all new, top of the line, Playmaker 101s. We had early access to these, and were able to take them down a variety of terrain and snow conditions throughout New England.

The Playmaker 101 is Elan's new all mountain ski that will also be released alongside the narrower Playmaker 91. With a stiffer midsection, and more forgiving tip and tail, this ski has a very predictable feel. We got to test the playmaker in a variety of conditions across N.E. This review will discuss our impressions and thoughts of the ski while giving an overview of what made it so fun to ride in Maine, VT and NH.

After a closer look at the playmaker it is easy to see how this ski can be utilized in an array of snow conditions. The rocker profile and relatively short turning radius allow for quick and precise short-radius turns that can be completed with ease on piste and in choppy conditions. Off piste, the Playmaker provides ample floatation and can power through soft snow without issue. On the groomers, the Playmaker had a surprising amount of grip underfoot. The tails were incredibly easy to release and smear without making the skis feel too forgiving in harder carves.  


While this is a twin-tip shape that will work well for freestyle applications, the Playmaker 101 has an all-mountain feel that will suite many skiers looking to tackle a variety of terrain. For our testers, the Playmaker really excelled when skiing inconsistent terrain. One standout day was on Cannon Mountain when we received fresh snow that fell on hard, icy conditions. The Playmaker's blend of agility, light weight and torsional stiffness underfoot made interesting conditions on the front five a bit more manageable.

 "The playmaker is one of the most fun skis I've ever used. Even though its a wider ski for the east coast the Playmaker is able to get on edge easy and allow for some for flowing linking turns. The skis flexibility and rocker made it a blast to use in the bumps and soft moguls. I cannot wait to take this ski out again." -Kevin Bragg

"The Playmaker 101 is the ultimate "One Ski Quiver" for the east coast. At 101 Underfoot the ski is a bit on the wider side, while still offering great carving qualities and edge control on groomers with minimal chatter. The rocker found in the tip and tail of the ski promotes a surfy-playful feel with optimal float in soft conditions. The name Playmaker says it all for this ski. From the groomers, to the park, to the trees, to the powder, this ski does it all while turning the mountain into your playground. This ski has been a favorite of mine since I have gotten my hands on them and will be at the top of my recommendations for the 2023-2024 season.  

Tucker Desfosses, Zimmermanns Ski Technician 

Elan Playmakers On a Chairlift in the Eastcoast

The Playmaker 101 is our first recommendation for where you're looking for a versatile mid-fat ski that will work well as a daily driver in both the east and west. 

Check out the rest of Elan's lineup and be sure to follow us on our Instagram for more news and updates.

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Rick - February 11, 2023

I am interested in both the playmaker 91 and 101. What lengths do they come in and what is the recommended binding mount point?

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