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About us

Your one stop shop for 2022 winter gear, deals, and info on all of the latest skis and snowboards. Do you downhill ski, snowboard, cross country ski, or snowshoe in the east or west Coast? From beginner, intermediate to expert we have it all!

We are a local, family owned ski shop based out of Nashua, NH.  We pride ourselves on making sure that you leave with the right equipment for you and your needs.  To put it simply, a mother of two doesn't need a Ferrari to take her kids to soccer practice.  We will take the time to answer any questions you have and help guide you toward making the best decision before you purchase your equipment.

Additionally, we recommend you take some caution when buying ski boots online.

Every person's foot is different and every boot fits differently.  Your shoe size is absolutely nowhere near the size of a ski or snowboard boot.  We believe that no matter what, a ski or board boot should be fitted in person with an experienced boot fitter who can take the time to find what is right for you.  Even though it may be a great price, the wrong boot at the right price will still be the wrong boot.