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East Coast Ski Resorts Open Late in 2023

East Coast Ski Resorts Open Late in 2023

New England Ski Resorts Open Late in 2023

Utah already has over 100 inches of snow. Buffalo had a single storm drop over 5 feet of snow in a single day. Meanwhile warm weather and a lack of snow has delayed ski resort openings all across New England and the East Coast yet again. 

Waiting for the first big snowstorm to come is stressful for New England's skiers and boarders, myself included. Thats why I wanted to see how winter 2023's slow and strange start compared to other years. 


First East Coast Ski Resorts Open 2023

The first east coast ski resort to start spinning its lifts for customers was Sugar Mountain based out of, you guessed it, North Carolina. On 11/14 Sugar mountain beat all New England mountains to claim first tracks on the east coast. 

Vermont ski resorts announce opening days for 2022-2023 season

 Killington, VT opens for the 22/23 season. 11/17/22

Earliest East Coast Ski Mountains Opening Day 2023

  • November 14 : Sugar Mountain Resort - North Carolina
  • November 17 : Killington Ski Resort - Vermont
  • November 17 : Sunday River - Maine
  • November 18 : Sugarloaf Mountain - Maine
  • November 19 : Bretton Woods - New Hampshire
  • November 19 : Okemo - Vermont
  • November 19 : Stowe - Vermont
  • November 19 : Sugarbush

 Opening dates based on information from

Even with the late start Killington looked filled in with great condition on opening day according to Winter is Calling's own Tucker and K2 who took the photo below.   

Historical Earliest East Coast Ski Resort Opening Days

  • October 1st, 1997 - Killington

  • October 1st, 1993 - Killington

  • October 1st, 1992 - Killington

  • October 3rd, 1994 - Killington

  • October 4th, 1996 - Killington

 Opening dates based on information from

While it didn't get first this year Killlington is the king of the early season opening dates and late season closing dates. Even if we weren't skiing in October this year we can still count on Killington and Sunday River to be running late into the spring. 

Its been a late start to the season, but some colder weather ahead and a potential snowstorm coming this Thursday is looking like we could finally find winter in 2023.  


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