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BOA Technology Coming to Ski Boots For the 2024 Season

BOA Technology Coming to Ski Boots For the 2024 Season

What is BOA?

For those who do not know, the BOA fit system has become common in a variety of products like snowboard boots, sneakers, helmets and more. Regardless of the product, the system works in a similar way. Push down, twist the dial until snug, and pull up the dial to release. BOA has become the choice for many snowboarders, cyclists, and runners for the precise fit and reliability that the technology provides. BOA also offers a lifetime warranty on their products and will even provide a free parts kit. 

"Our products go through the wringer. It starts with hundreds of hours of rigorous testing in our labs, then out in the field through the harshest conditions with the world's top athletes. But still, we understand things happen – that's why we offer The BOA Lifetime Guarantee."


 What we know so far

As of now there will be four companies offering the new BOA technology in their ski boots: Fischer, K2, Salomon, and Atomic. The new H-Plus system is unique as it can be both tightened and turned in the opposite direction to adjust. The cables that will replace the lower buckles on the boots will provide a better wrap around the foot, offering a more precise feel. The lacing in the new system is burly, with an increased strand count that will provide a greater level of durability. 

While the technology is being offered on a few different models across several brands, the boots themselves will be unique in their fit, materials, and other variables. 


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