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New For Atomic: 2022-2023 Bent Family

New For Atomic: 2022-2023 Bent Family

Year after year, the creations from skier Chris Benchetler have been incredibly well received from the ski world. Recently, Benchetler took on the role of creative director for Atomic Freeride, taking control of the creative direction of the designs. 

"This is the fourteenth time Atomic and Chris Benchetler have teamed up on a ski (or multiple skis), and it’s by far the biggest Bent Chetler series yet. It also coincided with an announcement that Chris will now serve as the Creative Director for the freeskiing division of Atomic skis, which is pretty sweet."

First Look

Bent Chetler 120

A redesign of a classic. The fourteenth installment of Chris Benchetlers infamous pro-model.

Bent 110

Everything you loved about the 120, with a slightly narrower width. This versatility will make the shape you love more accessible in variable conditions.

Bent 100

A Redesign of the previous Bent Chetler 100. This ski is going to handle everything from hardpack to powder and everything in between. Also features the HRZN tip seen in the wider entries to the series. 

Bent 90/Bent 85

Bent 85

The Punx series is leaving next year and being replaced by the Bent 90 and 85. Frontside, park, and an all-mountain option for the east coasters, this ski is quicker edge to edge with a more generous amount of camber for pop and grip. The 85 is a great option for the tweener skier or someone looking for an affordable, beginner/intermediate twin-tip. 

Bent Chetler Mini

Bent Junior




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