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The Marker XComp 16 ski bindings are an amazing choice for competitive racers who are charting out in the 6-16 DIN range. For skiers weighing over 60 kg and who are looking for a race binding to get them to the next level of competition, look no further than the Marker XComp 16 bindings. These bindings have a GripWalk compatible sliding AFD, so modern boots will be compatible with these bindings. But for the most part, these are intended for fairly high-level racing, allowing competitive skiers to gain each and every advantage that they possibly can thanks to the stronger, lighter, and more precise bindings that they have on their feet. Ski racing is a tricky sport, one in which there's a lot of variables in terrain, snow conditions, and competition, so it's best when you can eliminate something like your gear as far as variables are concerned. Young and lighter racers will love the confidence-inspiring Marker XComp 16, complete with the TXC heel piece that has been around for quite some time, and provides that loud and satisfying "thunk" when you step in. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that you're in your binding, and these TXC heel pieces are some of the best in the business in that regard. For skiers and racers who are looking for the elite level of performance out of their bindings, look no further than the Marker XComp 16 Bindings.

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