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Wend MF Natural Liquid Juice Base Cleaner 4oz

by Wend
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Material: Universal

High performance liquid snow wax utilizing Meadowfoam® seed oil. Ideal for an on-hill refresh, a quick wax when traveling without an iron, or waxing in between tune-ups.

The WEND Non-Fluoro Meadowfoam waxes and cleaners give your race skis and snowboards the ultimate advantage on the flats, allowing the engineering behind your skis/board to shine through.
These all-natural plant based waxes are biodegradable, proving you can practice sustainability without compromising performance.

4 ounce bottle (118 ml)


Application Instructions:

1- Start with a clean shop towel and a nylon brush or Scotch Brite pad.

2- Determine the temperature range of Liquid Juice. Shake the bottle well.

3- Apply generously  to the base with the towel.

4- Allow LJ to sit for 10-20 minutes or until dry.

5- Once dry, brush off the hazed layer on the base to remove all contaminants. Buff!


COLD 10°F/-12°C and Below MID 14°F/-10°C to 28°F/-2°C WARM 28°F/-2°C and Above UNIVERSAL 10°F/-12°C to 40°F/4°C

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